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  The year was 1934. Brothers Roy, Doyle and James Blackwood, along with Roy’s son R.W., formed what was to become the most beloved and respected gospel group of all time, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet. Bill Shaw and Bill Lyles eventually joined the group and together with James and R.W. Blackwood, this quartet went on to be featured on several TV shows including The Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters, the beloved American classic, Hee Haw and the prestigious Arthur Godfrey Talent Show in 1954. A few weeks later, that same year in Clanton, Alabama, tragedy struck when two members of the group, R.W. Blackwood and Bill Lyles, were killed in a plane crash.

  After the accident, many fans and critics alike believed that the quartet would not be able to go forth. However, as fate would have it, R.W.’s youngest brother, Cecil Blackwood joined the group along with the bass singer, J.D. Sumner, silencing any doubts the public had about the quartet continuing to be a force in gospel music.

  Despite the family tragedy, earlier that same month saw the birth of Cecil Blackwood’s son, Mark, who has held on to the tradition and sound that has made the Blackwood name world famous. Mark joined his family in the Blackwood Brothers Quartet in 1986, where he sang lead for many years alongside his dad, Cecil and many other talented singers. Mark also worked as a producer on the Grammy award winning Blackwood Brothers albums of the early 1980s. In 2012, Mark Blackwood formed the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet.

  The group tours regularly and brings the word of Christ through song, to both believers and non-believers alike. The quartet has had the privilege of performing with Willie Nelson and many other great artists. Recently, we have seen our popularity grow among Elvis tribute artist fans, as well. Come and join us at a concert near you and make sure to stop by and talk to us when it’s over. See you on the road soon!

Mark Blackwood

Lead / Owner

Mark Blackwood is the son of Cecil Blackwood, one of the original Blackwood Brothers.  Mark manages and owns and sings the lead part for the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet.  Mark also drives, books, produces, and does so many other things for the group.

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Tony Goforth


With almost 30 years in the gospel industry, Tony is no stranger to ministry.   As a full voice tenor, Tony delivers a song unlike many other tenors in the industry.  With groups such as the Christian Brothers, The Greenes, and the Stamps Quartet in his resume, Tony has been around the world singing the Gospel of Jesus to many.  Tony and his wife Jodie live in southern Indiana.  The Fabulous Blackwood Quartet is thankful to have Tony and all he adds.

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Jason Gordon


Jason starting singing at the age of 18 with The Gospelaires in North Carolina which he was with for 21 years.  Jason took a 9 month break from the Gospelaires to join and travel with The Greenes of North Carolina where he met Tony Goforth.  Years later he finally met up with Tony again to fill the baritone position with the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet in July of 2022.  Jason also helps drive and do the graphic design work for the group.

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Jamison "Bucky" Blackwood


Jamison is the son of Mark Blackwood.  He is currently traveling with the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet and learning the bass part.

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